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Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before the User starts accessing Clicky's website and/or computer programs.

PT. Linimuda Inspirasi Negeri (hereinafter referred to as "Clicky") whose address is Jl. Raya Abdullah Safe'i No.1 Tebet Timur, Kec. Tebet, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12820 is the party that manages and operates the computer program and website In running and managing this platform, Clicky is committed to protecting user data and complying with all applicable privacy and data protection laws.

All provisions of these Privacy Terms apply and are binding on Users of the website. If the User is under the age of 13 (thirteen) years old, the User has special needs, and/or is under guardianship, then the User needs to discuss and obtain consent regarding this Privacy Policy with the User's parents and/or guardians. By visiting and/or registering and/or accessing an Account on the website, the User is deemed to have read, understood and given consent to Clicky for the collection, processing, disclosure and use of the User's information.


1. To support the services provided by the Clicky platform, Clicky will collect and collect User information, including names and/or identity numbers, telephone numbers, emails, photos or images, copyrighted or user-owned content, account numbers, payment data, transaction data, location data, contact data, feedback (such as reviews or testimonials), and other data that Users may submit when Users use or access Clicky's websites and computer programs.

2. Clicky may collect Users' personal data from Users, Clicky affiliates, third parties, and from other sources, including business partners, credit bureaus or appraisal agencies, marketing service providers, referral programs, and publicly available or government-sourced data.

3. Clicky may personally identify User information when User:

  1. Send User's personal data to Clicky for any reason.
  2. Make product purchase transactions offered on the Clicky platform
  3. Register and/or use services on Clicky's websites or computer programs.
  4. Fill in information when using and/or accessing Clicky's websites and/or computer programs and when Users submit any form, such as an application form.
  5. Make agreements and/or provide documents or other information related to the interaction between Users and Clicky.
  6. Interact with Clicky, whether by phone, mail, face-to-face meetings, social media, email, and Clicky customer service agents.
  7. Allow User's device to share information with Clicky platform.

4. Clicky may also collect User information through technology, such as IP addresses and log files


User Information obtained by clicky will always be managed with due observance of appropriate security rules. The User information will be Clicky will use to:

1. Validate and confirm product orders by Users.

2. Carry out Clicky's obligations in connection with the implementation of cooperation with third parties.

3. Publicity, distribution, promotion, and other audit or inspection interests related to the use of the Clicky platform.

4. Provide information, products and services to Users. Clicky may also provide information and other product and service offerings from Clicky that are shared internally.

5. Advertising on Clicky websites and/or computer programs or conducting Clicky events to be more targeted. Ads displayed to Users are advertisements that match their demographic information and preferences, so that advertisers can convey messages only to the right target for the product. This improves User experience and ad effectiveness. Clicky only communicates information to Clicky Partners in aggregate format.

6. Monitor the use of websites and/or computer programs.

7. Provide assistance with respect to technical or operational issues of the website and/or computer programs.

8. Prevent, investigate, and be aware of any suspicious or prohibited forms of transactions. In addition, Clicky will use this User information to ensure transactions that occur between creators and users are not scams or manipulations.

9. Monitor when there are users who enter products that are contrary to legal regulations, such as fertilizing or illegal content, malware, pornography, etc.

10. Enables Clicky to comply with obligations based on applicable legal regulations, including responding to requests, research, reporting, permitting, or decisions in accordance with regulations.

11. Other purposes for which Clicky informs the User and/or is required by the rules of law.


1. Clicky will not transfer, sell, distribute, disclose, or lend User information to third parties except under the following conditions:

  1. Such disclosure is required by applicable law in Indonesia.
  2. Required by Clicky Partners to carry out their work and/or other third parties that can support Clicky's needs in order to develop Clicky's business.
  3. Required in the disclosure process against other parties who have signed a confidentiality agreement with Clicky.
  4. Provide reviews on product purchases through the Clicky platform.

2. Other than as set forth in this disclosure of user information, Clicky may disclose User information by notifying User of such disclosure.

3. In connection with the use of User information for additional purposes, Clicky may disclose User information to:

  1. Clicky affiliate entities
  2. Clicky employees and consultants.
  3. Creators whose products are ordered by Users.
  4. Third-party payment service providers selected by the User when purchasing products.
  5. Clicky's business partners and service providers who provide operational services to Clicky.
  6. Other parties authorized by the User to receive disclosure of User information from Clicky.

4. Clicky will only disclose User information outside of Clicky if in Clicky's good faith, such disclosure is necessary to:

  1. Compliance with applicable laws in Indonesia.
  2. Investigate and handle fraud and/or suspected fraud, malicious activity, or violation of the law.
  3. Protect the rights, safety of Clicky, Clicky Users, and third parties if Clicky Users, and third parties where permitted or required by law.


1. If the User feels that he has received an e-mail from Clicky due to an error or suspicious message, please contact [email protected].

2. Clicky reserves the right to send emails to Users regarding the status of User accounts.

3. Clicky will occasionally send product promotions sourced from creators and/or third parties.

4. Clicky may send you an e-mail inviting the User to participate in a user survey, asking for User's feedback about Clicky and existing or under development products and services, and other information aimed at getting to know Clicky users better.

5. If the User sends an e-mail to Clicky, the User understands that the information contained in the e-mail may be known to other parties. Clicky advises Users to be very careful about including personal or confidential information in e-mail. Clicky will send a reply containing the answer to the e-mail address that the User uses to send comments or questions to Clicky.


1. The confidentiality of User information is paramount to Clicky. Therefore, Clicky will make best efforts to protect and secure User information from unauthorized access, collection, use, or disclosure, accidental loss, destruction, damage, or similar risks.

2. The user understands that the transmission of information over the Internet is not completely secure. Clicky cannot guarantee the security of any information that Users transmit through or in connection with Clicky's websites and/or computer programs. If at any time Clicky fails to protect the User's personal information, Clicky will notify the User either electronically or in writing with the cause or reason for the failure to protect the User's personal information within time.

3. Clicky prepares security measures to protect the processing of User's personal data from loss, misuse, access, and illegal disclosure. However, Clicky cannot completely prevent hacking and Clicky is not responsible if a User's account is hacked.

4. The User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of User information, such as passwords, one time passwords (OTP), or other information to anyone. Users are also obliged to maintain and be responsible for security.

5. All User information provided by Clicky will be stored as long as the User is still a user of Clicky's website and/or computer program, or the User is no longer a user of Clicky's website and/or computer program, but does not provide confirmation to delete the User's information, and if such information is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected.

6. User Information submitted through communications between buyers and creators made other than through the use of the Clicky platform may also be stored in several ways. Clicky does not allow the processing of User information between buyers and creators to take place outside the Clicky platform. Therefore, buyers and creators are solely responsible for the processing of such User information.

7. Clicky in the event of finding allegations that there has been a violation of the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, or applicable laws and regulations, since the knowledge of Clicky may without prior notice take all necessary actions including taking down the product.

8. Clicky in the event that it suspects that a User's account is or may be used for unlawful, unlawful, or fraudulent purposes, then upon its knowledge Clicky may suspend or close your account; or close any transactions and suspend or close the User's account.


1. Users may have certain rights under applicable laws and regulations in Indonesia to request Clicky access to, correction, and deletion of User information stored by Clicky. Clicky may refuse User's request for such access, correction, and deletion if permitted under applicable laws and regulations if such request Clicky deems irrelevant or unlawful.

2. Users have the right to know how their information is collected, used, and stored. This includes access, change, and deletion of User information in accordance with applicable privacy regulations.

3. The User has the right to request Clicky to access and/or verify User information in Clicky's possession, by contacting Clicky through the contact Clicky specified in these Privacy Terms.


1. The User understands and agrees that these Privacy Terms constitute an agreement in electronic form. User actions stating "I agree to the Privacy Terms" or other means Clicky may apply when creating a User account constitute User's agreement to enter into an agreement with Clicky.

2. By agreeing to the Terms of Privacy, the User acknowledges that the User has read and understood the Privacy Policy and agrees to all its terms.

3. In particular, User authorizes Clicky to collect and use the User's personal data in accordance with these Terms. In the event that User provides personal data relating to other individuals to Clicky, User declares and guarantees that User has obtained consent from such individuals and thereby agrees on behalf of such individuals to the collection, use, disclosure, and processing of their personal data by Clicky.


I. Clicky may change or add to the privacy terms of Clicky's policy from time to time, to ensure that this policy is consistent with developments in the services and Clicky needs as well as changes in the relevant legal terms.

II. Any changes that Clicky makes will be displayed on this page and, if necessary, notified to Users by e-mail. Please visit this page again from time of time to see any changes or additions to the Clicky privacy terms.

III. If Clicky makes a very significant change or material change in the way Clicky uses the User's personal data, the change will be displayed at least thirty (30) days before it takes effect and registered users will be notified by e-mail.


If the User has any questions, comments, or complaints about this privacy policy, then the User can contact Clicky directly by:
Email: [email protected]
Phone No: 082223136022

Last updated on April 1, 2024

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